Catalogue Management

Catalogue Management: Our team of e-commerce professionals is expert in category tagging, writing original content, accurate specifications, naming product images and identifying image URLs. Our catalogue management helps you effectively expand your customer base by listing all the amazing characteristics of the products that your Company offers

Listing and Cataloguing: We help you create product listings with clear Title, Images, Key Features and Description as per the Marketplace guidelines. While writing product descriptions, we ensure that they are factual, highlighting the key features of the product to help your customers make the buying decision

Price Management and Intelligence: Updating multiple inventory data like price and quantity, multiple times a day is a tedious task. We keep your inventory in sync in real-time with all major Marketplaces and help you keep your dead-stock costs to a minimum. We also help you manage the inventory and pricing based on your recommendations, and periodically based on the intelligence we gather

Stay ahead of the competition: At SellerHelp, we enhance your competitiveness across Marketplaces by providing you with the knowledge of your competitors, business news and social media pulse. We track product pricing and availability across marketplaces and correlate competitive pricing data with your sales, so you can spend your valuable time analyzing the opportunities in pricing decisions

Inventory management: SellerHelp is focussed at making the strenuous product inventory management, a stress-free task. We keep track of the inventory count across all of the online marketplaces and update the quantity change as and when a sale happens in a marketplace that prevents you from unexpected stock shortages. Our team helps streamline the whole process, manage multiple warehouses, set priorities and define criteria that help you avoid an oversell situation