11 Levers for Amazon.in Growth

1. IQDQ Correction
Image Quality and Data quality play very vital role in your Product Visibility. Everything Begins with Correct Images and Data asper Guideline
2. Back Fill MRP
Keep 50% to 70% Discount bracket on MRP-SP. Keep 80% + Discount for Clearance Sale Tagging.
3.Convert to FBA
Majority of Visibility will be given to FBA listings only due to prime Delivery advantage & better Customer experience.
On time replenishment of your Top Moving ASIN/SKUs at FBA will help you to set momentum.
5.Lightning Deals via SC
Advertising > Lightning Deal > Create Lightning Deals
6.Deal bank
Create Strong deal bank for Lightning deals and Block buster deals of your FBA Listings.
7.Sponsored Ad
Set Up Automatic Campaign on your Top Moving or New ASINs and Manual Campaign on None Moving or Catalogue Specific Products.
Get Register in your Top 5 Performing State asper Region to get Prime Enable for your Regional Customer.
9.Addition Catalogue Discount
Give Addissional 5% to 10% Discount on your Entire Catalogue during Promotion
10.Keywords integration
Regular Update Top search keywords Terms and Festival Specific keywords for relevant Collection.
11.Inventory Planning
Maintain In stock of your Top Moving and Planning for Non Moving will help you to grow well on platform.